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“We want to show the world that no matter where you ‘re born, no matter how poor you are, that you can succeed in life.”

-Frank Stronach

The Beginning

Frank Stronach was born in September 1932 to Eva Strohsack and Johanes Adelman in Austria. In 1954, Frank emigrated to Canada with just a few dollars to his name. Arriving first in Quebec to later settle in Toronto where in 1959 he would build his first business, Multimatic Investments Ltd. that, after much hard work and strategic acquisitions would become known as Magna International Ltd.

Frank married Elfriede Salmutter and together they had two children, Belinda born in 1966 and Andrew born in 1968. The Stronach’s built their business and family life in Aurora, Ontario, where the family continues to reside and give back.

“I’ve never had to face the glass ceiling but I have faced the family ceiling.”

-Belinda Stronach


Belinda and her brother Andrew, enjoyed a decidedly middle class upbringing in Aurora where she, like many teenagers, was a bit of rebel, sneaking out of the house under the watchful eye of her immigrant parents!

Belinda graduated from Newmarket High School and attended York University for one year to study business. Deciding that first-hand business experience was what she craved she joined Magna and worked in a variety of entry-level positions, gaining experience and the respect of fellow employees and importantly of her father, Frank.

Belinda is long recognized as an emerging leader with vision and one of the world’s most influential and powerful businesswomen as ranked by Fortune and Time Magazines to name a few. Belinda is a business and public leader who is focused on developing economic opportunity and quality of life both at home and abroad.

Belinda has two children, Frank, and Nicole who are emerging leaders of their own.

Belinda’s Bio

“There’s really not one day I’ve ever had where my kids have given me grief or stress. In fact, I feel it’s almost the reverse. They put up with me.”

-Belinda Stronach

Frank Jr.

Frank Walker is a consummate performer. With a strong theoretical background of chordal progressions and a strong ear for what works on the dance floor, his eclectic mix of arena style house music juxtaposed with euphoric splashes of melody make him one of the most exciting new talents to grace the dance music industry today. Having had strong performances with Eric Prydz, Adventure Club, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, MAKJ, Tommy Trash, and Quintino, coupled with touring to venues across the USA, Dominican Republic and more, Frank is showcasing his talent on the worldwide stage.

Over the course of just under 2 years, Frank has also now learned how to write and produce his own material, which is eclectic, identifiable, and unique – the overlaying motif is that there is strong songwriting with a real sense of the club aesthetic. He has also begun a monthly project entitled Mashup Mondays, giving back to the EDM community strong bootlegs of popular tracks with a club twist.



Nicole graduated in 2014 from Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario and began working with The Stronach Group where she is involved with the Adena Springs Thoroughbred Retirement Program. There she is able to combine her business acumen with the passion she shares with Frank Stronach (aka Opa!) for horses. The Adena Springs (adenaretirement.com) program ensures a healthy safe retirement for horses after their racing career has come to an end.

Nicole is an accomplished and competitive show jumper who competes across North America and Europe. She has won numerous international competitions and has received top finishes in Austria, Germany, France, Ireland and the United States. Closer to home at the Royal Winter Fair she has also won the Equitation and Hunter Championships. Nicole currently trains with the 2012 London Olympics Show Jumping Bronze Medalist Cian O’Connor.

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